Thursday, February 28, 2013

Texas Goverment Debates Over Texting Ban

Lawmakers met earlier this week to begin work on House Bill 63, filed by state Rep. Tom Craddick, designed to ban texting while driving. The state Legislature will review statistics suggesting that bans in other states have not reduced accidents and are difficult to enforce, and discussing ways to make the proposed law more effective if it passes in Texas.

It's obvious that as society become more immersed in a technological world of devices and constant communication, that it can have an effect on the attention of a driver to focus on the road rather than their blackberry. "When I see someone swerve, I no longer think, 'Hey, look at that drunk guy,'" State Rep. Eddie Lucio III said. "I think, 'He's texting.'"

Last month, Rick Perry's deputy press secretary Josh Havens said the governor “continues to believe that texting while driving is reckless and irresponsible” and that “the key to dissuading drivers from texting while driving is information and education, not government micromanagement.”

25 Texas cities currently have bans over texting and driving while in the city limits. There is also a law in place prohibiting anyone under 18 from using telecommunications device while driving.

Read more about the lawmakers debate on a texting ban.

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