Monday, April 30, 2012

What's Your Color?

When making the decision to purchase a car individuals have endless options from brand, style, model, transmission, trim, interior fabric, features, sunroof, tinted windows and most challenging the color. There is such a strong emotional attachment to color choices, when purchasing a car it isn't the time to let your favorite color lead your decision. Rather, it's a lifestyle decision and personality expression. 

“The most popular color in North America for the past three years is white,” says Nancy Lockhart, Color Marketing Manager for DuPont Vehicle Paints. It's no surprise that the most popular car color was White, in 2011 it represented 23% vehicles purchased in North America. Black and Silver were also popular, 18% and 16% of buyers preferred these shades. Gray ranked fourth with 13% and Red rounded out the top five with 10%. While Blue collected just 9% of the vehicles in 2011. Among the least loved colors:  Beige/Brown with 5%, Yellow/Gold with  3% and finally Green represented only 2% of purchased vehicles. 

Nissan continues to develop new colors and enhance on original ones in order to deliver to it's drivers the biggest variety of vehicle colors to meet their preference. For example, below you can see the 2012 Nissan Murano in Tinted Bronze and the 2012 Nissan Rouge in Graphite Blue.

We want to hear from you about your favorite car colors and what lead you to your decision, feel free to comment below and share with us your color of choice! 

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