Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Travel Songs

One of my most cherished childhood memories was singing road trip songs on our family's infamous summer vacation to visit my grandparents and all those uncles and aunts who'd pinch my checks and reminisce on how much I'd grown. I decided to include the lyrics of my two favorite travel songs, or as my father used to call it, Car-aoke songs.

Backseat Blues 

(sung to This Land is Your Land)
This side is my side; that side is your side.
Let's get along now; this is a long ride.
You see this line here - please don't cross over.
One side for you and one for me.

I had my eyes closed - faked I was sleeping.
So you got greedy and started creeping.
Try that again, Bub, and you'll be weeping.
One side for you and one for me.

Just like I warned you - now you are crying.
And Dad is angry - now you are lying.
You had it coming, there's no denying.
One side for you and one for me.

Don't Get Out of the Fast Lane

(sung to Take Me out to the Ballgame)
Don't get out of the fast lane. Don't let up on the gas.
I can't believe all the cars we've passed -
Wherever we're going, we're going there fast!
And it's zoom, zoom, zoom, down the freeway,
But don't break the speed limit please ...
Or the friend -ly Highway Patrol will request your keys!

What car songs do you remember singing as a child? We'd love for you share with us! 

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