Friday, June 29, 2012

Repair a Crack or Chipped Windshield

Every driver knows the inconvenience that follows when a loose rock flies up and hits his or her windshield while driving. Not to mention the chips, cracks and damages that follow. There is no way to fully avoid this unpredictable nuisance, but there are ways to lessen the damages of the incident by properly repairing the chip or crack to prevent future windshield replacement. I’ve included some tips on what to do in certain windshield chip and crack situations.

Rock Chips

Quick repair of windshield rock chips can help prevent a more costly windshield replacement later. Rock chips up to around the size of a U.S. quarter can be repaired by filling the chipped area with epoxy and allowing it to harden. Although the chip will usually be visible, the windshield will experience no further damage. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of this repair.

Small Cracks

Smaller windshield cracks, up to 2 or 3 inches in length, can often be repaired. Repairing a small crack will prevent it from growing in length and requiring a complete windshield replacement. For cracks smaller than an inch or two, kits that will allow you to repair the crack yourself are available. Larger cracks will require a visit to an auto glass specialist or mechanic. 

Large Cracks

Large cracks or cracks that have spidered will require the complete replacement of the windshield. Large cracks can affect the structural integrity of the windshield, especially if they are large spidered areas that have been caused by a large object, such as a rock. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your windshield, feel free to contact our Service Department at (903) 454-1930 

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  3. I once faced this issue when a rock came and struck the windshield of my vehicle leaving a big crack on it, i kept driving like that for a few days and noticed that the crack was spreading, went to my local area auto shop and they repaired the crack.

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