Monday, May 7, 2012

The Value of Nissan Maintenance

Maintaining your Nissans pristine condition will not save you money but it will actually make you money down the road.  When a car is well maintained a driver avoids many expensive repairs and the car will be in better condition which means it’s resell value will increase tremendously.  A car is comparable to a pet, you need to have routine visits to the veterinarian, or service department, a car should be regularly washed and the driver should always check to make sure everything is running properly.

The vocal points of the interior are the steering wheel and dashboard. If the steering wheel, consider investing in a cover to prevent the wheel from becoming worn. If your car is often left out in the Texas heat, it’s important to protect your dashboard from sun damage so I suggest you purchase a dashboard cover. Also, check the lighting on the dashboard knobs and if any are broken, they can easily be replaced at your Chevy dealership.

If your Nissan has dull, weathered headlights, visit an auto supply store and buy a headlight restoration kit which will run you less than $30. Not only will it improve your vision on the road while driving at night, but will also polish off the car’s appearance.

As the summer heats up, it’s  a good time to clean your air conditioner. To clean it, clear any leaves, dust, or other accumulated gunk from the air passageways.  Change or clean the system’s filters and use an air-conditioning deodorizer. Remember to check your car’s brake pads, shocks, springs, dampers, and struts.  Replacing worn ones can make a major difference in the performance of your car.

These suggestions are part of the upkeep cost of maintaining a vehicle, and will keep your current car running longer. We are always happy to be of assistance if you ever have mechanical problems make sure and visit the Orr Nissan of Greenville Service Department.

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